Immupharma (LSE: IMM)

ImmuPharma plc (ImmuPharma) is a United Kingdom-based is a drug discovery and development company. Its research operations are in France. The Company is engaged in the development of drugs, primarily based on peptide therapeutics, to treat serious medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases. ImmuPharma is engaged in developing drug candidates for five different medical conditions. ImmuPharma’s lead product candidate, Lupuzor, focuses on Lupus disease. The other four drug candidates address cancer, moderate to severe pain (such as that experienced by cancer sufferers and post-operative patients), methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and severe hospital-acquired resistant infections and inflammation/allergic disorders. The Lupuzor™ has completed the phase IIb clinical study. IPP-204106 is ImmuPharma’s anti-cancer nucleolin/nucleophosmin antagonist (Nucant) peptide program.